Continental Breakfast:

     Danish & Muffins

     Assorted Fruits


     Coffee & Tea          $6.75           

                   Brunch Selections

Our Brunches start with Scrambled Eggs

Served with:

                      Homefried Potatoes

                      Baked Beans

                     Danish & Muffins

                     Assorted Fruit Platter

                     Orange & Tomato Juice

                     Coffee & Tea                       $9.25

Add choice of:

      Bacon      Ham    or      Sausage

Add one meat:                                       $11.00

Add two meats                                      $12.00

Add all three meats                              $13.00

French Toast and/or Pancakes

May be added to Brunch at an additional

$1.50 per person, per item

Brunch  and Outing Selections

Steve's Kitchen  and Catering

Catering for All Occasions!

All Buffets are priced per person

Remember to add Meals & Local Tax (7%)

18% Gratuity will be added when applicable

Before placing your order,  please inform your server if
a person in your party has a food allergy.

                                                     Outing Menu

                                               (50 person minimum)

                                  All Outing Buffets are served with:
                          Tossed Salad & Dressings              Corn on the Cob
                          Potato or Macaroni Salad              Chips & Pickles
                           Watermelon                                     Condiments

              Buffet  # 1                     Buffet # 2                    Buffet  # 3
              Hamburger                      12oz Sirloin Steak         B.B.Q.Chicken
              Cheeseburger                   Baked Potato                Baked Potato
              Hot Dog
                 $12.00                                 $16.00                            $13.00

              Buffet # 4                       Buffet # 5                    Buffet # 6

             B.B.Q. Chicken               12oz Sirloin Steak             12oz Sirloin Steak
               Hamburger                       Baked Potato                    Baked Potato
               Cheeseburger                     Hamburger                     Hamburger
               Hot Dog                               Cheeseburger                 Cheeseburger
                                                              Hot dog                           Hot dog
                 $14.95                                    $17.95                             $18.95

                                                  Second Serving
                  may be added to above buffets at  an additional $7.00pp
                                       with the exception of Sirloin Steak